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At Lunia 3D we offer fast and affordable bespoke 3D printing and design services.

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3d printing

On demand, bespoke 3D printing tailored to your needs.


We can create a prototype of your design without spending thousands on tooling.


Let us bring your idea to life with our experienced 3D designers.


Our years of experience can help make your ideal a reality.

We can offer expert advise in the product design field.

3D PRinting

We are experts in additive manufacturing and can provide models in a range of materials and colours. Our facilities consist of multiple FDM and resin 3D printers capable of pretty much any form.

Whether you are looking for a part to fix an appliance or something to decorate your office desk, we have a solution for you.



Want to check a model is correct before moving on to expensive tooling within mass production?

We can provide working prototypes of your product.

Our expert knowledge within multiple design fields has helped us to create quality samples of future products. This includes batch production.


3d Design

Have an idea but no experience in 3D design? No problem - let our team of professional product designers bring your idea to life.

We can provide highly accurate 3D models, engineering drawings and quality renders.



With years of experience in the product design industry, our team can confidently assist you with any queries within the design field. We have a myriad of trusted connections to help you with your needs.

This includes but not limited to design queries, material advice, manufacturing links and cost reduction.



Let us help you with your project!

Use this form to send over a message with your project details. Include a brief description, overall dimensions, quantity, finishes required or anything else important.

If you would like to send over any photos, sketches or 3D files, pop them over to our email at


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