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SLA 3D Printing

SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printing, often simply referred to as resin 3D printing, offers a high level of precision and detail in your printed models. This advanced technology harnesses the power of light to cure liquid resin, layer by layer, creating intricate and accurate designs.

High-resolution Output

SLA 3D printing provides exceptional detail and surface finish, making it ideal for intricate designs and small, complex parts.

Material Options

SLA 3D printers support a variety of resins, including flexible, tough, and heat-resistant options.

Smooth Surfaces

SLA 3D printing produces parts with a smooth finish, often requiring minimal post-processing and finishing.


The precision and detail of SLA 3D printing make it an excellent choice for creating accurate prototypes.

Greater Accuracy

SLA 3D printing boasts superior dimensional accuracy, ensuring that your final product closely matches your design specifications.

Intricate Designs

SLA 3D printing is well-suited for creating detailed models, such as jewellery, miniatures, or dental and medical applications.

SLA 3D Printing Materials

SLA, or Resin 3D Printing, offers a variety of materials for diverse applications. With options ranging from flexible to rigid and transparent to opaque, these materials enable intricate models, prototypes, and functional parts to be created with precision and a smooth finish.

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