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Eco Responsible

At Lunia 3D, we are committed to sustainable 3D printing and climate positive initiatives. We are a proud member of the Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance.

The vision for the Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance is to curate a group of like-minded businesses and organisations to drive positive change in 3D printing – making a tangible impact to increase resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and harness a Circular Economy.

Eco Responisble 3D Printing Lunia

We are a responsible organisation that is committed to protecting the environment, ensuring compliance with all environment legislation and continually minimizing our environmental impact as much as is reasonably practicable.

We consider our environmental impacts to be minimal, but these include carbon emissions from the use of transport and consumption of energy, packaging materials and waste materials.

To minimize our impact, we:

  • Minimize travelling, encouraging video conferencing and telephone calls.

  • Reuse packaging materials where possible, including 100% recyclable cardboard and fillers.

  • Recycle plastic materials for reuse, adopting a circular economy approach.

  • Reduce energy consumption with LED lighting, energy efficient equipment and a strict "switch-off" policy for lighting and equipment when not in use.

Read our full Sustainability and Environmental Policy Statement Here:

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