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Breathing New Life into Classic Bikes: Reverse Engineering Discontinued Old School Bike Pegs



There's something special about old school bikes – the nostalgia, the memories, and the unique style. However, finding replacement parts for these classic machines can be challenging, especially when it comes to discontinued components like old school bike pegs. That's where Lunia 3D comes in, using reverse engineering and 3D printing to bring these treasured relics back to life.

Project Overview

Our team at Lunia 3D has been working with vintage bike enthusiasts to reproduce discontinued old school bike pegs that are no longer available on the market. By reverse

engineering the original parts and using advanced 3D printing technology, we can create accurate replicas that look and function just like the originals.

Reverse Engineering Process

Reverse engineering involves taking an existing part and deconstructing it to understand its design, dimensions, and functionality. In the case of these old school bike pegs, we carefully analysed the original components, took precise measurements, and documented

every detail to create a digital model. This model was then refined and optimized for 3D printing, ensuring the final product would be an exact match for the original pegs.

3D Printing Benefits

3D printing offers numerous advantages over traditional manufacturing methods when it comes to producing replacement parts for vintage bikes. It allows for on-demand

production, reducing lead times and costs associated with traditional manufacturing processes. Moreover, 3D printing enables the creation of complex geometries and intricate details that might be difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional techniques.

Material Selection

To ensure the durability and functionality of the reproduced bike pegs, we used high-quality materials such as PETG and ASA. These materials provide excellent strength, impact resistance, and weather resistance, making them an ideal choice for bike components that need to withstand regular use and harsh outdoor conditions.

Customer Feedback

Our reverse-engineered old school bike pegs have been met with great enthusiasm from the vintage bike community. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, the accurate reproduction of the original design, and the ability to customize the pegs to their specific needs. These 3D printed pegs have given new life to classic bikes, allowing enthusiasts to continue enjoying their cherished rides.


At Lunia 3D, we're passionate about using cutting-edge technology to preserve and celebrate the past. Our reverse engineering and 3D printing services for discontinued old school bike pegs demonstrate our commitment to helping vintage bike enthusiasts keep their beloved bikes in top shape. Stay tuned for more exciting projects that blend the old and the new in unique and innovative ways!

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