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Miata MX5 Customisation with 3D Printed Aftermarket Wing Mirror Adaptors


The Miata MX5 is a beloved sports car with a dedicated fan base. As enthusiasts continually

seek ways to personalize their rides, the market for after market accessories has grown significantly. Lunia 3D is thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution with our 3D printed after market wing mirror adaptors for the Miata MX5.

Project Overview

Our team at Lunia 3D has been working closely with Miata MX5 owners to design and produce high-quality, bespoke wing mirror adaptors. These adaptors not only enhance the aesthetics of the car, but also offer improved functionality and durability.

Design Process

The process began with gathering feedback from Miata MX5 owners about their preferences and requirements. We then used advanced CAD software to create a digital model of the adaptor, ensuring it would fit seamlessly with the car's existing wing mirror mountings.

3D Printing Advantages

3D printing technology has numerous advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques, especially when it comes to creating custom automotive parts. It allows for rapid prototyping and production, reducing lead times and costs. Furthermore, it enables us to produce lightweight yet strong components, which is essential for maintaining the Miata MX5's excellent driving dynamics.

Materials and Durability

We used high-quality ASA material to ensure the adaptors are strong, lightweight, and resistant to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. This ensures

long-lasting durability and a perfect fit for the Miata MX5.


Lunia 3D is proud to be contributing to the Miata MX5 community by offering innovative, high-quality, and customizable solutions. Our 3D printed after market wing mirror adaptors are just one example of how we're helping car enthusiasts make their vehicles truly unique. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and collaborations in the automotive world!


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