Aftermarket Wing Mirror Adaptors for Miata MX5

Our client approached us asking if we could help him with a solution to fitting his new aftermarket wing mirrors, after he found they would sit at the wrong angle and not line-up correctly with the factory doors. The client kindly let us borrow the mirrors, so we could take measurements and test fit.

We started by measuring the existing mount on the aftermarket mirrors provided by the client. The client also provided a detailed drawing and images of the door holes, which aided us in the design process.

Using these measurements, we created a 3D CAD design of the mount - complete with a TPU rubber gasket to prevent rainwater from leaking inside the door when mounted.

After 3D printing a rough, test version of this part - It was time to print the final piece. We opted to use ASA for the main body material, as it's very strong and has high UV resistance - perfect for this application.

After test fitting one final time, we send a pair of these mounts to the client, who was very pleased to find the angle and fitment was absolutely perfect!

We love doing these kinds of projects and would love to do more, please get in touch if you have something similar that needs a 3D printing solution!