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Polycarbonate Carbon Fibre

3D Printing Technology


Material Description

CF PC, or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polycarbonate, is a remarkable 3D printing material that combines the benefits of carbon fibre and polycarbonate. This powerful blend results in a material that's known for its strength, stiffness, and excellent thermal properties. The material also boasts superior dimensional stability and a fantastic surface finish, making the end product look and feel high quality.

One of the key advantages of CF PC is its lightweight yet rigid nature. These characteristics make it perfect for creating sturdy, long-lasting parts. It's particularly favoured in industries where both weight and strength are crucial factors, such as aerospace, civil engineering, the military, and motorsports.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a 3D printing material that can deliver high-quality, durable, and lightweight components, CF PC is an exceptional choice.

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The maximum physical stress the material can handle before breaking


Shows how flexible the material is and how much it can bend without breaking


Shows the combination of heat, fatigue, liquid, UV and chemical resistance.


Compare average material costs with other materials.

Temperature Resistance


The temperature when the material begins to deform and lose shape.

This chart is based off average figures of the material type, different branded materials and colours will vary.

For more accurate data, please contact us.

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