Reverse Engineering Metallic Medal Piece

We were contacted by a member of a Masonic Lodge who was looking to get part of a medal made in 1938 recreated. At this point in time we were not currently offering metal 3D printing services, However, we offered to replicate the piece and finish it to look metallic. The original piece in question was the top bar shown in this image -

Although our client kindly offered to send the original medal to us, we were confident in our abilities to reverse engineer this part just from a few dimensions and photographs. We received some high quality photos from the client which we perfect to complete this task.

It was then a case of narrowing down a few different font types until we found the exact match, then carefully laying out the text with accurate spacing nearly identical to the original. This was then exported to be used as a sketch plane in 3D CAD software.

A 3D model of the medal piece was then created, including a small gap for the ribbon to be fed through.

The model was 3D printed in black resin at a high quality setting to ensure all details are kept. The black colour will help replicate a pewter metal effect after painting.

The magic happens by using a metal buffing paste with a sponge to recreate the natural patina given on the original medal part. The final 3D printed and painted piece is shown below.

The client was over the moon with the result. 3D printing directly with metal materials can be extremely expensive, this was a nice opportunity to provide a product replicating a metal effect but on a bigger budget.

If you have a similar project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us!