Reverse Engineering Discontinued Old School Bike Pegs

Our client got in touch with us with the request of reproducing rare BMX Bicycle pegs for a restoration project, the original parts were from a 80s Mongoose. A set of the original pegs were not available to hand, but the client provided some great photos and even a sketch with the sizing and details required.

Using the photos and dimensions sent by the client, we were able to produce a fairly accurate 3D model file with a slightly altered logo. There is a hole through the cylinder for an M12 bolt to attach to the bike.

We decided to produce these using PETG, as it would be strong and hard wearing enough for it's intended application. After providing some test prints to the client, they were very impressed with the result and requested a bunch more in different colours!

The client kindly provided some photos of the reverse engineered bike pegs on their own bike.

It's very satisfying reproducing discontinued parts with 3D printing! If you have a similar project in mind please get in touch!