1:50 Scale Architectual Model - YMCO

Our client approached us wanting a physical model of their plans for a Community Centre, this helped visualize the final buildings layout and design. We were happy to take on this project and all we needed from them was the floor plans, which they kindly provided to us.

Architectual Plan Designed by A J Tech Design

The building has two floors which the client wanted 3D printed and displayed side by side. With these 2D drawings for the building we were able to create a 3D CAD model with the 3D printing process in mind. The client wanted the final physical model no bigger than 1 meter in length, we suggested using 1:50 scale as this would give a nice size within those requirements - and who doesn't love a nice and easy number to work with.

We showed the client the 3D model in a rendered workspace to make sure they were happy to go ahead with the 3D printing. As this is a fairly large model, we needed to split the file into multiple parts, this also allowed us to split over multiple machines to speed up the printing process.

It took just over a week to print all the required walls, floors and pillars in PETG plastic. Used a cut sheet of MDF for the base and used this to hold all the pieces together.

Each floor of this scale model measures 75cm X 45cm X 10cm. We then had the fun job of furnishing the model, the client provided us with a list of items they wanted and gave us design freedom to add any additional items. Most of the internal furnishings and accessories are 3D printed in SLA resin to ensure high quality.

This is an excellent way to plan a building's layout before making financial commitments and show investors your final idea! If you are interested in doing something similar with your own project, please get in touch!