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Standard Resin

Photosensitive Liquid Polymer

3D Printing Technology


Material Description

Standard resin is a versatile and widely-used material in resin 3D printing (SLA/DLP). It offers a good balance of properties, such as detail resolution, surface finish, and mechanical strength, making it suitable for a broad range of applications. This material is commonly used for prototyping, visual models, and even functional parts that do not require specific engineering-grade properties. With its relatively low cost and ease of use, standard resin is a popular choice for beginners and experienced users alike, and it is available in various colours to meet different aesthetic requirements.

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The maximum physical stress the material can handle before breaking


Shows how flexible the material is and how much it can bend without breaking


Shows the combination of heat, fatigue, liquid, UV and chemical resistance.


Compare average material costs with other materials.

Temperature Resistance


The temperature when the material begins to deform and lose shape.

This chart is based off average figures of the material type, different branded materials and colours will vary.

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