Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous individuals and businesses throughout the UK. 3D printing technology offers a flexible solution to a wide range of problems across multiple industries. From automotive and marketing, to entertainment and medical. 3D printing can benefit your designs, speed up production times, reduce costs and help bring your product to market.

At Lunia 3D, we use the latest state of the art 3D printers to product high quality, accurate and functional models. A wide range of printable materials are available. So if you're involved in any of the industries below, get in touch with Lunia 3D today to see how 3D printing can give your project or business an advantage, saving you both time and money.


3D printing provides excellent results for engineer projects. It's essential for parts to be manufactured accurately, on time, and on budget. Even if your final part would be made from metal or any other material, it's important to check fitment and function before committing valuable materials and money to tooling. We can produce samples and prototypes quickly and at low cost.

The time and cost reduction that 3D printing provides has become an important part of the manufacturing process, and Lunia 3D offers solutions to a wide range of applications across the industry. We can provide engineering grade printed parts suitable for strong, flexible and high temperature applications.

3D Print Example Nylon Gear Engineering Lunia 3D.jpg

High Strength, Low Friction Nylon Gear Reporduced


3D Printed Dog Muscle Anatomy

The medical industry is identified by demanding regulations and a requirement for accuracy in medical devices. It's common for these products to be manufactured using challenging materials which are hygienic and durable.

Lunia 3D can meet the demand for these complex, free-form medical components.


The 3D printing technology is invaluable when it comes to creating custom prosthetics, dentistry devices, surgical fixtures, anatomical models and much more.

3D Printed Canine Muscle Anatomy

Entertainment & Cosplay

Helmets, suits of armour, weapons and functional gadgets are very popular within the cosplaying fan base. 3D printing can be used to create bespoke costumes and props to your specific requirements. Whether you want to own an iconic prop from your favourite film, or turn heads at the next comic convention, we have a solution for you.

We can create fully functional props and costume pieces complete with lights, sound, motors and anything else you could think of.

3D Printed Cosplay Helmet

3D Printed Cosplay Helmet


Architechual Model Design 3D Print White

At Lunia 3D, we combine our exceptional 3D modelling skills with state-of-the-art 3D printers to create high quality and accurate architectural models, construction site plans, housing estate layouts and structural prototypes. We can use 2D technical drawings or 3D CAD data to translate your project into a 3D printable model. 3D printing in this industry produces a high level of detail and accuracy that is not achievable by other traditional methods.


These clean contemporary looking models are perfect to plan a building or site layout before making financial commitments and show potential investors your final idea.

3D Printed 1:50 Scale Architectual Model


Lunia 3D has found that 3D printing is becoming a great application within the automotive industry. It's been used to produce prototypes and even finished parts such as mounting brackets, complex ducting, bodywork and interior cosmetics. It's common for certain car and motorcycle parts to be expensive and sometimes even impossible to find due to discontinued manufacturing, especially in the classic car industry.

Our experts in 3D computer aided design can help you re-manufacture automotive parts and accessories, even if they are damaged, broken or missing.

3D Printed Car Wingmirror Mount.jpeg

3D Printed Car Wing Mirror Mount



3D printing is a fantastic tool for creating eye-catching and engaging marketing and promotional products. From corporate giveaway items to full scale

3D printed mascots, we got you covered. Stand out from the crowd at trade shows and events with unique displays and giveaway products. We can customize almost any item with your name or logo while still being functional.

If you have a company mascot or need an unusual item printed to a certain scale, go wild, the possibilities are endless.

3D Printed Multi Colour Desk Sign

Consumer Products

From the initial idea for a product to the moment it hits the market, you will need a quick, cost-effective and powerful process that matches your requirements. Using Lunia 3D allows you to get your idea, designed, tested, optimized and into production faster. We can even produce the final product ready for sale.

Although 3D printing is often only associated as a prototyping method, there is no reason why you cannot use it as your main manufacturing process. We can provide finalized products ready for the market in both large and small batches or even on demand as you sell them.

3D Resin Print Forklift Truck

3D Printed Forklift Truck in Resin

Fashion & Jewellery

3D Printed Jewellery Bee

3D printing has had a great success in technical industries, but we are also seeing the technology being applied in more creative industries such as fashion and accessories. We are able to create bespoke designs to your requirements and 3D print them in a range of colours and materials.


3D printing within this industry allows designers to innovate faster, Lead times can be reduced drastically. Wearable clothing, earrings, necklaces and rings can be created with ease.

3D Printed Bee Necklace and Earrings

Replacement Parts

Have a part or product that's broken, deteriorated, expensive to replace or discontinued?

We have the tools and knowledge to re-produce physical parts from an original piece or design sketch. During this process we have the opportunity to improve the original design to ensure longevity of the product's lifespan. We've helped reduce waste by giving products a second chance by replacing key parts saving them from landfill sites.

3D Printed Replacement Replica Part

Reverse Engineered Replacement Part