We at Lunia 3D are happy to offer a diverse range of design services to meet the growing needs of individuals and businesses. Through our work on countless projects with different clients, we've developed a great skill set to support others. Learn more about the 3D design services we provide below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Whether you are designing a brand-new product or part from scratch or want to reverse engineer an existing product, our friendly design team can help create an accurate 3D CAD model complete with high quality renderings and engineering drawings.

Alongside our 3D printing services, we offer a full design service meaning you have a one-stop place for all your projects needs. We can reverse engineer and manufacture broken, misplaced or discontinued parts with ease.

3D Designed Printer Assembly Parts.jpg

Product Design

Have a product or invention idea but no experience with 3D design or manufacturing? We can help!

We have experienced Product Designers and Engineers who can design, model and create prototypes and finals of your vision. With our in house 3D printers we can create working prototypes and even finished products ready for the market. Our multiple capabilities including design research, industrial design, prototyping and manufacturing allows us to provide you with a fully tailored solution while focusing on your requirements, business, values and goals.

3D Rendering of 3D Printer Assembly Parts

Design Optimization

Already have a design or part but need it altered for 3D printing or other manufacturing process?

We can optimize and improve designs for different fittings, improved strength, weight reduction, temperature resistance and much more. We run a range of 3D software capable of mesh fixing, stress testing, topology optimization and flow simulation to ensure the success of your project before making commitments to a design.

Topology Optimization Skateboard Nylon 6

Topology Optimization of a Skateboard

Reverse Engineering Bandsaw Part.jpg

Reverse  Engineering

Have a part or product that's broken, deteriorated, expensive to replace or discontinued?

We have the tools and knowledge to re-produce physical parts from an original piece or design sketch. During this process we have the opportunity to improve the original design to ensure longevity of the product's lifespan. We've helped reduce waste by giving products a second chance by replacing key parts saving them from landfill sites.

Reverse Engineering Broken Bandsaw Table Insert